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Pat Quinn's annual "Consultant Academy" has shown over 800 teachers and administrators around the country how to increase their impact by helping other schools.  His "Amazing Speakers" event will help any speaker become more effective and have a great impact.  From professional speakers to pastors to business leaders Pat Quinn can improve your speaking and your impact on the world!

Pat Quinn is America's Best Teacher Trainer... and the nation's leading expert on improving instruction.  He is the author of the nation's most popular newsletter on Response to Intervention and helping teachers implement interventions in their classrooms!

Pat Quinn's "Instructional Coaching with Reluctant Teachers" seminar is revolutionizing how schools across the country are implementing change.  Pat Quinn is an expert on helping teachers improve their instruction.  He will show you EXACTLY how to help teachers at your school make the changes necessary to reach ALL students!

Pat Quinn's parenting presentations are LOADED with simple steps parents can take each day to raise self-esteem, improve behavior and help kids grow into responsible adults!  His "40-Day Parenting Program" helps parents improve their parenting and leave a lasting and positive impact on the next generation.

Great Educators are Teachers.

Great Parents are Teachers.

Great speakers are teachers.

Great Leaders are teachers.

Teachers Change the World... 

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