Improving Full Class Instruction -

Differentiation for the 21st Century!

Pat Quinn knows how to help teachers do real interventions in their classroom during full class instruction!  His bestselling book Maximum  Tier One: Improving Full Class Instruction has been used by thousands of schools around the country to improve instruction and increase learning!

America's Best Teacher Trainer!

Pat Quinn

Instructional Coaching with Reluctant Teachers

Every school has some teachers who struggle to change the way they teach.  This presentation will show you exactly how to help those teachers make real improvements to their instructional practices!  Take a positive approach to helping teachers change and help ALL students succeed!

Creating Real Change

Pat Quinn's presentations are filled with simple steps you can take the very next day to help students succeed at your school!  Unlike most professional development presentations, a Pat Quinn presentation is guaranteed to create real change in the instructional techniques of your teachers!  Don't miss your chance to learn from "America's Best Teacher Trainer!"

Response to Intervention

Pat Quinn is "The RTI Guy" and the author of the nation's most popular newsletter on Response to Intervention with over 38,000 subscribers!  He is the author of the most widely used book on implementing RTI in the country, Ultimate RTI.  Each year thousands of schools around the country use Pat Quinn's simple explanation of RTI to make help ALL students succeed!

Helping Teachers Do Interventions in their Own Classroom

Pat Quinn's newest seminar is a hit!  Teachers often struggle to find the time to deliver high-quality academic interventions during regular class time.  This seminar will show your teachers how to find the TIME and create the STRUCTURE to deliver interventions in their own classroom!