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Pat Quinn's webinars are filled with simple steps you can take the very next day to help students succeed at your school!  Unlike most professional development presentations, a Pat Quinn presentation is guaranteed to create real change in the instructional techniques of your teachers!  Don't miss your chance to learn from "America's Best Teacher Trainer!"

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Helping Students with Anxiety and Depression

in Your Classroom!

Every day in your classroom there are students who struggle with anxiety and depression.  This webinar will show you specific things that teachers can do every day to help these students succeed in your classroom!    Each year thousands of schools around the country use Pat Quinn's instructional strategies to make help ALL students succeed!   His bestselling book Maximum  Tier One: Improving Full Class Instruction has been used by schools around the country to improve instruction and increase learning!  This 60-minute webinar is appropriate for the elementary, middle and high school level.  This is a free webinar but advanced registration is required!  Reserve your spot today!

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